Maui Open Studios

Come check out The Art Machine in action in it's MOS debut at upcountry weekend 3 location. 10-6 Sat Feb 22nd/23rd.

71A Keleawa St. Makawao

the art machine loves you. Take a chance. Get great art. 

how it works

Maui Open Studios preview.

Sat Feb 1st. 5-7pm. UH Maui College Cafeteria

Art machine events



take art out same slot

If you want to see more recent works, browse my Portfolio.

Decide how much $

The Art Machine will let you know once your artwork is completed and place it into the marked slot. Place your hand inside and remove your new artwork.




put $ in the slot


All you need to do is find the slot on the art machine marked,"put art here". Place your selected $ amount into the slot and wait while the art machine works it's magic.

enjoy art! repeat...

Live Interactive Art Vending Machine


Put money in....Get Art OUt!

(100% original art made by the one and only art machine)

The artwork will always be a surprise. It is chosen specifically for you at that unique moment in time. Enjoy! Hang it on your wall or give it to a friend. Repeat often.

my story

The art you receive is based on the amount you have given.

$5 is tiny original painting, $10-$20 is small painting,

$30 is medium, $40 is larger

$50 or more large, detailed work

Treehouse Gallery.

Come get ready for the holidays by shopping locally made, arts and crafts at the Pauwela Cannery in Haiku

375 W. Kuiaha. studio #24 

I have been a professional artist for more than a decade. A true multimedia art machine, I love creating ALL kinds art for you.




Body Paint


The Art Machine